Private visa Private visa

A private visa can be issued for the maximum period of 3 months and is either single-entry or double-entry.

In order to submit visa documents to the Consulate an applicant must have an electronic appointment.

Required documents:

  1. An official invitation issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (either an original paperback invitation, copy of an electronic invitation or telex number).
  2. A completed online, printed and signed application form (the “Consulate General of Russia” must be selected as the destination for submitting visa documents).
  3. A passport with at least two empty pages. The passport should expire no sooner than six months after the exit day of the intended stay in Russia.
  4. A copy of the information page of the passport with personal information and the applicant’s photo).
  5. A colored photo of the applicant with a white background (35 mm x 45 mm) taken within the last six months (without glasses and head covering, unless it is used because of religious beliefs or ethnic background).
  6. For non-Canadian citizens – a copy of a document that confirms their status or residency in Canada (permanent resident card or work and study permits).
  7. Citizens of the EU (schengen area) and China are also required to provide a copy of a travel insurance policy that is valid during their entire stay in Russia.
  8. Payment. A money-order made out to “Consulate General of Russia”. The Consulate does not accept cash, credit cards and etc. as valid forms of payment.

Visa fees for citizens of Canada (and countries that do not have bilateral visa agreements with the Russian Federation):

Visa type

express (1-3 days)

Regular (4-20 days)


224 CAD

112 CAD


358 CAD

179 CAD

  Visa fees for citizens of the EU, US, China and Japan

Citizens of Japan can also request 1 year multiple-entry private visas. With this visa Japanese citizens can stay in Russia for a maximum of 90 days out of each period of 180 days.

For applicants with Russian family members

If foreign citizen has close Russian relatives (parents, spouse and children), instead of an official invitation by Russian ministries, they can provide an invitation letter written in Russian from their relatives that requests the issuance of a private visa. This letter must include the passport details of the inviting Russian citizen and the applicant, the period of stay and the complete address of stay in Russia (including the apartment number). Apart from the letter and the abovementioned documents, the applicant needs to submit the following.

  • A document and its copy that confirms the relationship between the inviting Russian citizen and the applicant (birth certificate, marriage certificate)
  • Foreign passport and its copy of the inviting Russian citizen

Please note that for visa request based on the invitation of the applicant’s Russian relatives there is no express processing. Visa documents will be examined during the period of 5-20 days.

The Consulate General reserves the right to request additional documents or an interview with applicant when examining their documents.