Requesting official documents from Russia Requesting official documents from Russia

Citizens of Russia as well as foreign nationals can request documents regarding their vital records from the territory of the Russian Federation.

An applicant must present the following documents:

1) A completed application form per document (application for requesting documents from Russia). These forms must be done in Russian on a computer and printed out.

2) The applicant’s valid passport and its copy.

3) If the requested documents concern children under the age of 18 or deceased relatives - a document and its copy that confirms family ties between the applicant and their relative (birth certificate or marriage certificate) or legal representation (legal guardianship).

4) If a document is requested by an applicant on the behalf of another person who has the right to request this document - a power of attorney.

5) Payment - a money-order made out to “Consulate General of Russia”. The Consulate does not accept cash, credit cards and etc. as valid forms of payment.

Consular fees - 56 CAD for citizens of Russia, 100 CAD for citizens of other countries.

Please note that according to Russian law employment record books, pension books and military service books cannot be requested.

Marriage certificates cannot be requested if the marriage has been dissolved.

Birth certificates of children under the age of 18 can only be requested by their legal guardians.

Certificates of death can be requested by close relatives of the deceased person.